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Two for Tuesday Challenge #5 — April 23 – 29

I love flash fiction challenges so I serve up some new ones here every Tuesday, and since every one likes choices I’m providing you with two weekly writing prompts.  You can participate in either one, or double your pleasure by trying your hand at both. Submit your link any time between Tuesdays. The Standard Prompt will always consist of […]

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Something So Bad It’s As If It Was Good

The simile and metaphor are powerful tools in the right hands. An elegant comparison can be used to bring a description to life and enhance the reader’s experience. I did an entire post on similes and metaphors over a year ago and I encourage you to explore those two literary devices in much more detail. […]

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Similes, Metephors and the Color Purple

Similes and metaphors are all part of a writers pallet. An author wields a descriptive brush, gathering up the appropriate pigment with which to paint their next picture.  The medium is one of words but a picture is painted nonetheless. Dense, cold, jagged grief hung from his heart like a block of wet clay mixed […]

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