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Music Man

We are nearing the end of August but summer doesn’t show any sign of packing up and moving on. Around here it’s still hotter than the devil’s breath on the back of my neck. On the positive side, though, summer is always a time when I think about music, so this post is focused on […]

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A Little Song and Dance

You are writing a scene where your main character has invited a woman back to his place.  He pours two fingers of an expensive single malt scotch into two glasses—no ice but he adds the slightest splash of water to allow the spirit to bloom. He owns a vast vinyl collection comprised mostly of jazz […]

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The Creation of Art and the Art of Creation

I’m a creator.  I draw, paint, assemble, design, write, and compose.  For me, the act of creation is similar regardless of the medium or discipline.  I begin with an idea, which in turn leads me in unexpected and surprising directions.  The art pieces that I make are assemblages of wood, found objects, and paint.  Sometimes […]

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