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Past vs Passed—Which One’s Right?

There are a number of pairs of words that are easily confused such as loose and lose (that extra “o” always seems to sneak in when I’m not looking, right Steve?), the proper use of lay and lie offers its own challenge and mistaking stared for starred can be easy enough to do.  I did […]

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Lynne Truss’ Seven Basic Rules for Proper Comma Usage

We sprinkle them through our work like extra salt on an order of fries (or chips for you British lot).  A moderate additional amount of seasoning can’t hurt, but if over done, food becomes inedible. We do it almost without thinking. I’m talking about commas.  I have to admit that I am far from an […]

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Talking with Your Ears

As writers we strive to breathe life into our characters. Flesh them out. Make them believable, three dimensional. We concoct back stories for them, give them a particular set of values, beliefs, morals, and emotions.  They have certain physical traits: tall, skinny, brown-eyed, long-haired, pock marked, obese, young, old, male, female, etc. We surround them […]

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