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Drought or Flood?

Just a little house keeping first… Yes, I have updated my blog with a new theme. I hope it didn’t throw you too badly.  I think it’s clean and easy on the eyes.  Let me know what you think of the new look or if there are any glitches when you view it.  Thanks all. […]

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Creativity “Don’t Get No Respect”

I came across this highly entertaining 2006 TED talk by Ken Robinson, which still has some powerful insights on how creativity is approached in the education system and is just as relevant today as it was six years ago when he presented this subject. So much pressure is placed on kids these days to excel.  Schools have […]

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Writing with (re)Purpose

On this Super Bowl Sunday I am not fretting over whether it’ll be the Giants or the Patriots.  By all means I’ll watch to find out, but I am more consumed by my latest work in progress.  I have found a new path and I am excited to explore it. The creative muse has whispered […]

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