Something So Bad It’s As If It Was Good

The simile and metaphor are powerful tools in the right hands. An elegant comparison can be used to bring a description to life and enhance the reader’s experience. I did an entire post on similes and metaphors over a year ago and I encourage you to explore those two literary devices in much more detail. […]

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Will Write for Cash

There is a great blog called Pinionpost that is managed by the talented Brian Benoit. He takes on all manner of writing challenges giving you a chance to read some finely crafted bits of prose such as this week’s chilling offering, “The Chemist.” Every month he posts a column devoted to writing contests. I rely […]

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It Takes a Village: Earn Validation and Maybe Some Cash

This summer I entered a short story in The Writers’ Village Writing Award, a writing contest judged by Dr. John Yeoman, which he holds quarterly. The deadline for the next round is December 31. You can submit unpublished stories that are 3000 words or less, written in any genre. The cost to enter is £12 (about […]

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