Abba-Dee, Abba-Dee, Abba-dee, That’s All Folks

I’ve had this blog up for two years and it has been a kick in the pants for the most part.  Anyone who has watched this space from the beginning will have undoubtedly noticed a decline over time and it is for that reason that I think it’s time to pack things in (sorry to anyone who just recently started to follow).  That’s right, two years (and one day) ago I took a leap. The splash I made wasn’t all that big but the water felt good and for two years I paddled around in that digital swimming hole.  It’s November now and the water has gotten cold so I’m climbing out and drying off.

I plan to leave this blog up as a static resource because I do feel that there is a lot of decent content (despite the odd typo or two) and some good writing prompts that you are free to return to every now and then so feel free to poke around some of my earlier posts.  I appreciate the support, encouragement and the willingness of a few of you to play along. Who knows, I might be inspired to poke my head back in here from time to time, but for now let me say, thanks so much, you’ve been a great audience…


16 comments on “Abba-Dee, Abba-Dee, Abba-dee, That’s All Folks

  1. I know what you mean. I’ve left blog-land many times for various reasons – good and bad. Anyway, you’ll be missed and it’s not that hard to come back again.

    • Thank you sir. I suppose you are right about the ease of coming back to it. At least I’d be heading into it with a much clearer picture of what it’s all about. I enjoyed your stories and I’ll have to pop in and see what you are up to from time to time. It’s been fun.

  2. I will miss your posts. I’ve enjoyed your enthusiasm and great little stories. Thank you for the two years, I’m just sorry that I wasn’t able, time wise, to participate more. Wishing you all the best in whatever endeavors you pursue.

    • Thanks Pamela. I enjoyed it too. And I enjoyed meeting (albeit virtually) a lot of really talented and interesting people, like you. Thanks for being a part of my experiment!

  3. I am one of those more recent followers and I will miss you. Good luck with your next projects!

  4. That’s sad, but understandable. Hopefully you reappear after a small break.

    • Maybe you are right. Maybe this is more of a sabbatical than anything else. I have enjoyed connecting with a number of interesting and talented people like you and that will likely be the draw that gets me back in to it. Thanks for sticking around and playing along. I honestly appreciate that. So I’ll say “See you later” rather than “Goodbye.”

  5. Sad to see ya go Andy but it’s been fun and hopefully we’ll connect again somewhere, somehow.
    I’m gonna be blogging for the foreseeable future so if you ever decide to dip your toes back in again, look me up. Would love to maybe write a chain story or something just for kicks! 🙂

    • Spider– Thanks for being such an ardent and honest supporter. I appreciate your sticking with me through thick and thin. I have enjoyed our “discussions” and collaborations and I will be sure to stop by your sandbox once in a while. Best of luck with all of your endeavors. See you in the funny papers!

  6. You were a great help to me–getting my FSF entries going. Appreciate your articles and will miss seeing new ones.

  7. So sorry to see you go Andy. I really enjoyed your Two for Tuesday challenges and reading your stories. Sometimes the other life gets in the way – which is why I haven’t been around for ages and am commenting on this so late.

    • Sarah Ann — Thanks for the kind words. I’ve been pulled in a number of different directions and at some point you have to make the decision about what goes and what stays. I had fun with the blog and I hope the Two for Tuesday prompts helped spark some level of creativity. I always enjoyed your submissions. Who knows? I might be back for now I’m taking a break. Have a great holiday.

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