Two For Tuesday Challenge #18 July 23 – 29

Flash fiction challenges such as Five Sentence Fiction has kept me writing and improved my craft, so I serve up some here every Tuesday. Since every one likes choices I’m providing you with two weekly writing prompts.  You can participate in either one, or double your pleasure by trying your hand at both. Submit your efforts any time between now and next Tuesday.

The Standard Prompt will always consist of a two-word prompt to be used as inspiration. The Non-Standard Prompt will change from week to week. Sometimes it will be a visual prompt, sometimes a first sentence or phrase, sometimes a scenario, etc.  The limit for the Two for Tuesday Standard Prompts is 200 words and the Non Standard Prompt has a minimum of 200 words but no limit allowing for more in depth explorations. Use the little blue link thing below to submit your link or leave an entry in the comments section.

Don’t forget to check out the other entries.

Here is this week’s two-fer:

Standard Prompt:
dead batteries

You have lots of creative leeway. The limit is 200 words. The words can be used:

  • simply as a point of inspiration and do not have to be used directly
  • they can be included exactly as provided
  • or each word can be used independently of each other (for example if Death Row was the prompt instead of crafting a story about an inmate on the way to the gallows, you might write something like: Despite feeling like death from an excess of cheap vodka consumed the night before, Evelyn moved on to planting her next row of spinach).

Non-Standard Prompt:
For this week’s alternative prompt write a story using one of the following invented titles as inspiration: 

Misplaced Memories

The Archive

Dark Kisses & French Chocolate

Piling On

As per usual with the Non-Standard Prompt there is no word limit (to allow for more in depth explorations) but there is a minimum of 200 words.

Write on!

Those of you who like to write first and read later, be forewarned that my personal effort follows.

I have incorporated both prompts this week. I hope you like it.

Dark Kisses & French Chocolate (Approximately 840 words)

Colette sat on a stool at the end of the long polished wood bar just below the television for two reasons. The first reason being the warm orange light that played across her features from a low angle. It tended to accentuate the swell of her breasts and highlight her finely sculpted cheekbones. In other words it put her in good light.

The second reason was that ESPN was on the tube and just about every man in the place had his neck craned around to the game playing silently right above her.  The three things that a guy can’t ignore were all right there: flickering images, football (the Packers vs. the Bears), and a beautiful woman. It would not be long before someone’s eyes would stray from the game to the lady in the skin tight dress. As soon as she finished that thought Derrick Graves made his way over to the beautiful creature in her LBD (Little Black Dress for those not in the know).

“Can I buy you a drink?” he asked and she nodded her permission. “Bartender,” he called, “another of whatever she’s drinking.”

“Certainly, sir. A Devil’s Torch, for the lady, coming right up.”

Derrick turned towards Colette and asked, “A Devil’s Torch? Are they sinfully delicious?” She shrugged and drained her glass in anticipation of the next one.

“Basically,” she purred, “it’s a vodka martini with a dash or two of grenadine.  I like the way it looks.”

“Me two,” agreed Derrick but he meant the drinker and not the drink. The bartender arrived with a fresh drink and she drained it in one gulp. Derrick raised his eyebrows.

“Too many prying eyes here,” She suggested. “Know any place a little more—you know—private?” Colette slid from her stool and waited for Derrick to lead her towards the door and the crowd parted to let them leave. Derrick was practically beaming.  Heads swiveled as he walked out the door with Colette on his arm.

Derrick fumbled with his keys at his apartment door searching for the right one and then had trouble sliding it into the lock. He hoped nerves didn’t cause a similar problem later on. Finally he was able to get the door open and the two of them tumbled into his apartment.  She was not concerned with decor, mood lighting or romantic music to enhance the experience.  Derrick barely had the light flicked on before she was tearing at his shirt.  She gave a playful little growl and raked her nails down his bare chest raising a few garnet dots of blood.

“Whoa…” Derrick stepped back and asked, “Just to make sure we’re on the same page, this is just a consensual friendly little romp between two acquaintances, right?  I mean, you aren’t expecting a… you know… a business transaction?”

“That’s negotiable,” she said with a shrug. “Let’s see just how satisfying you can be. A girl’s gotta eat, you know.”

“I don’t know,” Derrick balked, “I’ve never paid for…” his words trailed off as Colette peeled her dress off in a swift, single, practiced motion revealing lots of flawless honey golden skin and very little silk underwear—the color of chocolate and trimmed in pink lace. Derrick suddenly found himself hopping on one foot trying to get free of his jeans and the two of urgently grabbed at each other. Her tongue tangled with his and tickled across the roof of his mouth just back of his teeth raising a pleasant tingle behind his ears.  His scalp tightened and a moan of pleasure rumbled in his throat as he pressed fully against her.

With a swift jerk, Colette’s embrace tightened and pain exploded across his chest maybe even breaking some ribs.  At the same time her tongue shot way down his throat, wound around some internal organs and expanded to pythonic proportions blocking his windpipe. He thought his neck would burst. He battered his fists, without effect, against this dream girl turned demon. She had grown to twice her original size and her flawless skin was now green, hard and scaly, the color and texture of a Haas avocado.

Derrick’s eyes were wide with panic and fright and his arms now just flapped about and finally went limp as his eyes rolled back in his head as if the batteries had suddenly gone dead. The monster’s jaws opened exposing three rows of dripping, razor sharp teeth which closed around her prey’s entire head and  shoulders.  Within three lurching bites the man’s bare feet had disappeared down her throat.

The beast shifted back to her human form and belched, filling the room with an odor of mop water and Axe Body Spray.  A string of skin hung on her chin and she pushed it in her mouth and licked her finger clean. “Tasty,” she said aloud. She slipped back into her LBD, checked her lipstick and glanced at the clock. “Let’s see. Delaney’s over on 12th Street is still open. I think I have time for a drink and maybe…some dessert. A girl’s gotta eat, you know.”



11 comments on “Two For Tuesday Challenge #18 July 23 – 29

  1. There prompts are great! My imagination is already churning! I hope to have time to come back and read your entry shortly, but I might get distracted and start writing my entry first. I’m sure you understand how that goes, right?

  2. Oh wow! I was looking at that title because I considered doing the longer prompt for once. You, sir, are creative. Poor sap didn’t even get any loving before she swallowed him whole.

    Lets see what I come up with…

  3. Ok. Back. Read the prompt. Now, I must out do you. 🙂

  4. Sorry, I meant, I read your entry and must now, out do you.

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