Five Sentence Fiction — Goggles

Monday is when I tackle some Five Sentence Fiction. Feel free to take Lillie McFerrin’s challenge to write a five sentence story based on a single word prompt. The word does not have to appear in your five sentences, just used for direction. This week’s word is Goggles.

Here’s my offering:

He thought the play was over and turned to walk towards home when he heard the crack; he never saw the line-drive foul rocketing towards him. His glasses shattered against his face as his head blossomed with childbirth caliber pain—he should have been wearing safety goggles—and his nose, right check bone and orbital floor crumpled under the impact driving him to the dirt of the first base line. He remained conscious but desperately wished he would pass out.

The reconstructive surgery was a celebrated success—he didn’t lose the eye—and one would never know just by looking at him that he had been through such an ordeal, but the injuries from that weekend baseball game did leave him with a slight nasal whistle at night. His wife no longer sleeps as well as she used to.

Got five sentences? Share them!

If you enjoy flash fiction challenges stop by each week to participate in my writing challenge offered every Tuesday. Take your pick from two, yes that’s right, two different prompts that I will be providing right here weekly.


8 comments on “Five Sentence Fiction — Goggles

  1. Very well written. I enjoyed reading this and especially like the way you lightened it up with the last sentence.
    It’s also reminiscent of a line drive to the eye I took when I was a kid. Thanks for the memories.LOL

    • Thanks for the feedback, I’m glad you liked it. I’m not so sure that memories of such an incident would be welcomed ones though…

      Thanks again for stopping by!

  2. Ouch, painful, but great piece of writing, made me smile at the end…not through the pain though, of course!

  3. That’s gruesomely good. I heard his face squelch – yuk.

  4. Ugh. That sounded like me trying to catch a ball when I was younger, and why I’d run away from it, and why nobody ever chose me to play on their team, and why I took up tennis. Is it a true story for you? Randy

    • A friend of mine had that happen to him. It’s a fictionalized account as I wasn’t there but he did get hit in the eye by a line drive and had to have surgery. Not sure if it was as extensive as I make it out to be but it was inspiration for the piece… Thanks for the feedback and for stopping by!

  5. Sometimes it’s the little things that are most annoying…and a nose whistle is right up there! :))

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