Five Sentence Fiction — Edge

Monday is when I tackle some Five Sentence Fiction. Feel free to take Lillie McFerrin’s challenge to write a five sentence story based on a single word prompt. The word does not have to appear in your five sentences, just used for direction. This week’s word is Edge.

Computer Cables
Here are two offerings:

Richard had not only been driven over the edge, he could no longer see it in his proverbial rearview mirror. Earlier he had pocketed his supervisor’s ID from the asshole’s desk and now used it to gain entry to the building; any logs they might be able to reconstruct would show that it was Derrick Priestly who had been in and out during the wee hours between 3 and 4 AM.  He was tired of being the scapegoat—a harassed, invisible, unappreciated code monkey—but he was going to show them just how gifted an IT tech he really was.

Richard sat down at the keyboard and with Derrick’s pilfered ID was able to get into the company’s server, enter a few inspired lines of code, and when the question, “Are you sure you want to reformat?” flashed on the screen, he clicked “yes.” He then gathered up the stack of the back-up drives that he had removed from the racks and tossed them in the microwave, punched up ten minutes, hit start and walked out with a smile on his face feeling truly free for the first time in years.

If that one didn’t grab you there is also this:

As if capable of defying gravity she felt like she was hovering a hair’s breadth above the mattress balancing on that delicious knife edge between waking and sleeping.  There were noises and ticks that intruded but they barely registered, leaving her with the impression that the sounds had traveled over a vast time and distance. Kaleidoscopic color and pattern danced beneath her eyelids; a 1960s Jefferson Airplane light show.

Her foot brushed up against a neighboring leg, which was enough to tumble her from her precarious perch that overlooked oblivion, spilling her onto the firmer ground of groggy wakefulness. She pressed herself against the full length of his firm and sleep warmed body, kissed his shoulder and smiled in the dark, glad that she was not alone.

Got five sentences? Share them!

If you enjoy flash fiction challenges stop by each week to participate in my writing challenge offered every Tuesday. Take your pick from two, yes that’s right, two different prompts that I will be providing right here weekly.


3 comments on “Five Sentence Fiction — Edge

  1. I liked the feel of the first one, but maybe I’m in a vengeful mood? I offered up poetry since its NaPoMo for this particular prompt. Looking forward to seeing what tomorrows challenge will be.

  2. I liked the mood in the first one too. I would like to know what Derrick did to make Richard want revenge like that

  3. I like your writing style. It moves with a nice rhythm. I liked both stories. Probably the second one a bit more. More like the kind of novel I would want to read.

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