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Ollie Ollie Oxen Free: Participate in a Writing Game

I did this before a while back. I thought it was great fun and I’ve decided to resurrect this interactive writing exercise. If you missed it the first time around, the idea is to build a collaborative story one sentence at a time—a writers’ game of tag. I hope to get more people playing along […]

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Past vs Passed—Which One’s Right?

There are a number of pairs of words that are easily confused such as loose and lose (that extra “o” always seems to sneak in when I’m not looking, right Steve?), the proper use of lay and lie offers its own challenge and mistaking stared for starred can be easy enough to do.  I did […]

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Five Sentence Fiction — Delicate

Tuesday is when I tackle some Five Sentence Fiction. Feel free to take Lillie McFerrin’s challenge to write a five sentence story based on a single word prompt. The word does not have to appear in your five sentences, just used for direction. This week’s word is Delicate. Here is my offering: His ageless hands were delicate—almost effeminate—with […]

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Life Has Coincidence, Why Not Fiction?

Life is a web of interconnecting events. Our paths cross and brush up against one another before we each head off in our own unique direction. Sometimes when paths converge we wobble a bit and the contact sometimes knocks us slightly off course sending us into an unintended orbit. I am fascinated by those direction-changing […]

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