Shaking Things Up

shaking things up
I have been posting here three times a week for nearly a year, and for half a year before that twice a week. This is post number 180 and I need to scale things back just a little bit. I never expected that writing a blog would be so satisfying, but it has come at a cost. Providing consistent content here has taken a toll on my WIP and I want to try to get back to devoting more time to it.  I am not going away, I am just rearranging things a little bit.

Instead of posting every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, I will now be posting my Five Sentence Fiction contribution on Monday (instead of Tuesday) and dropping my Sunday post.  Thursday’s post will stay right where it is. The other thing I have been concerned about is a decrease in quality as I have tried to maintain my three day schedule. I think quality should trump quantity.

Thank you to all who continue to diligently support me. My aim has always been to inform and entertain. I hope that continues to be the case. Have another cup of coffee and enjoy the rest of your Sunday…


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