Ollie Ollie Oxen Free: Participate in a Writing Game

game of tag 3
I did this before a while back. I thought it was great fun and I’ve decided to resurrect this interactive writing exercise. If you missed it the first time around, the idea is to build a collaborative story one sentence at a time—a writers’ game of tag. I hope to get more people playing along this time. Certainly you can give us one sentence…

Here are my rules:

1. I’ll start things off with a single sentence and someone else will need to post a follow on sentence in the comments section that builds on the previous sentence(s).

2. You can add as many sentences as you want throughout the story but you are not allowed to post two or more sentences in a row. You must wait until someone else has posted a new one so keep checking back.

3. Each post is limited to one sentence, but there is no word limit as long as it is a proper sentence. If you are beginning a new paragraph put the following at the start of your sentence:  [P]

4. Mature content and language is allowed (within reason).

5. Avoid hurtful or hateful content.

6. The thread will continue until there is a logical conclusion at which point I’ll post: “THE END — Begin a new story.” You are then invited to provide a new kickoff sentence to start the game all over again.

7. Reserve non-story comments until after the conclusion of each story so the flow of the narrative isn’t interrupted.

8. This will only work if you participate.  Don’t be shy, it’s only a sentence and no one is here to criticize.  Let’s see what twists and turns we get. Feel free to switch things up or shift the genres. For instance if you aren’t a sci-fi fan or a romance devotee, you have the power to take the story in another direction.  Above all have fun with it.

I’ve heard that if you fill a room with monkeys and typewriters, eventually you will get Shakespeare.  Let’s see what this virtual sandbox of primates can accomplish a second time around.

Here’s the Kickoff:

Esther knew she would rue this day, but she closed her eyes to give herself another moment to gather her courage.


9 comments on “Ollie Ollie Oxen Free: Participate in a Writing Game

  1. Here’s the first sentence again:

    Esther knew she would rue this day, but she closed her eyes to give herself another moment to gather her courage.

  2. She took off her robe and she went to him, just as he took off his robe.

  3. But that concern was was unnecessary, as Michael stood before her in a sun yellow, skin tight Lycra bodysuit, emblazoned with a large and slightly effeminate “H” on his chest.

  4. The trapeze was beginning to make sense as well as her skimpy sequined outfit, which had begun to ride up uncomfortably.

  5. She twitched at the discomfort but then her self-consciousness began fading as she noted the other male performers watching the superhero acts dry-run reacting approvingly at her while the women appeared to be quietly amused at her partners outlandish ensemble.

  6. Esther opened her eyes and shook off the whole bizarre circus daydream as she pushed out of the ladies room, crossed the restaurant to where the married man now sat, slid into her chair across from him and said, “Michael, I’m sorry but I have to do this.”

  7. Although an Armani tie and grey suit covered his true identity, detecting a sliver of yellow at the edge of his cuff, she asked “Please take off your jacket and shirt.”

  8. Michael flushed and managed to stammer out, “I hardly think this is the time or place but if you’ll come back to my—”

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