Yes, BusRider’sDaughter, There Is a Santa Claus…

Santa Wink2I sat down on the bus the other morning and got a pleasant surprise.  Reader, Steve Meitz, who is a big, silver-haired albeit beardless Santa Claus kind of a guy, told me that his teenage daughter (aka: BusRider’sDaughter) has not only caught the Five Sentence Fiction bug, but has joined the after school Creative Writing Club. That is what this blog is all about and why I keep at it.  To inspire someone to take that next step is gratifying and exciting.

My hope with this blog is that there is something in each post for most to take away. My goal is to inform and entertain or at the very least give readers an excuse to procrastinate for three or four minutes—putting off chores like cleaning the bathroom or filing taxes. However, when my blog becomes a catalyst for a thirteen year-old girl, to pursue the joys of writing outside of what is required, I am given hope that what I do two or three times a week is worthwhile.

To see if I am delivering to my audience, I frequently check my stats on the number of hits my blog gets and WordPress does a good job of accumulating and displaying feedback. They let me know how many visitors and views I get each day, the countries my readers are from, the numbers of subscribers, where a hit was referred from (Facebook, twitter, web search, email) and most importantly the pages that are getting the most hits each day. There is without a doubt one post that is consistently a top view earner day in and day out. It is my post titled “Similes, Metaphors and the Color Purple.” 

There is some good information in that post, at least I hope I do a decent job of explaining the differences and similarities between the two figures of speech.  But I think the reason that it consistently draws top hits are the words “…and the Color Purple.” Alice Walker’s The Color Purple must be on many high school or middle school English reading lists.  Unfortunately for those nimble fingered students scouring the internet for examples of metaphors within The Color Purple they won’t find any on my blog.  The purple reference refers to purple prose which is a term used to indicate excessive, over-the-top description which should be fervently avoided.

While the specific “Purple” information that many are searching for is not in that post I would like to believe that much of the information is still helpful and that maybe—just maybe—they might poke around and benefit from some of my other posts. WordPress has recently separated out visitors and page views and there are always more views than visitors which means that a lot of you are looking at more than one post when you stop by. Thank you. That’s encouraging. It implies interest, or at least curiosity. If curiosity leads to inspiration, then I am ecstatic. To have had a part in a teenage girl’s decision to take up a pen for the joy of it is a one of the gifts I will cherish this holiday season. Thanks Santa…

Peace to you and your family.  Write on!


4 comments on “Yes, BusRider’sDaughter, There Is a Santa Claus…

  1. I love your blog! I find inspiration, learn something new, and love it when you share other writing sites with us. I lalways look forward to your next post. Awesone place you have here. Thank you! 🙂

    • Pamela– Thanks so much for those very generous comments. It is always nice to know that I am connecting with my readers. Have a great holiday and thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. .Yes, I love writing and your blog has helped me get better. I feel really happy that I was able to bring you joy, just from me doing something I love. I can’t wait for the writing club to start, and when it does I want to mention five sentence fiction to the teacher, I think the class will really enjoy it.

    • You did indeed spread some joy in my part of the world. Thank you for that gift. Your love of writing is a gift as well and I hope is a talent that you continue to feed. As long as you have a pencil and a scrap of paper you can write. No one can rob you of your will, imagination or talent.

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