Five Sentence Fiction — Candidate

Tuesday is when I tackle some Five Sentence Fiction. Feel free to take Lillie McFerrin’s challenge to write a five sentence story based on a single word prompt. The word does not have to appear in your five sentences, just used for direction. This week’s word is Candidate.

Here is my offering:

“Gabe, are you okay in there?” Drew asked but his question was followed by a long stretch of silence. He knocked again and poked his head around the restroom door to find the man of the hour with his hands planted on the granite counter leaning over one of the six under-mounted sinks with water dripping from his face. “Everyone’s asking about you; ‘Where’s the Senator?’ they keep saying.”

“It’s okay, Drew, I’ll be out in a minute after I finish gathering myself.” But then the candidate, pale and wide-eyed, continued, “I never expected we’d win; what do we do now?”

Got five sentences? Share them!


10 comments on “Five Sentence Fiction — Candidate

  1. great one!!! I imagine many truly feel this way.

  2. And there’s me thinking they usually rub their hands tog ether in glee at the prospect of the increased wealth and status 😉

    Nicely written, sir 🙂

  3. I wonder if Obama is saying that this morning?

  4. Nice! I actually was expecting it at first to be a wedding maybe, then it turned and then it turned again. Nice work.

  5. I wonder how many actually do feel like that! And, how many wing it!

  6. Great perspective! Sadly, I suspect that many candidates are just about this prepared to carry out all that rehetoric!

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