Every Picture Tells a Story

I have been putting out here for over the last 9 months (like giving birth).  It’s high time we had a little audience participation.  I’ve done writing prompts before and here are some more.  Below are 10 hand picked gorgeous color photos from the Library of Congress’ photo collection of 1930s and 1940s color photographs.  They are an incredible free resource of copyright free photos. There were over 1600 in this particular collection. They have many collections of historic and vintage images. But I digress.

Choose a photo (or more than one) and tell a story. A picture, goes the cliche, is worth 1000 words, so that is your limit. Anything under that is accepted.  Please indicate which photo you are using as inspiration and post your contribution (or a link to it) in the comments section below. If five sentences is your bag, have at it. If you want to stretch your literary legs, then by all means share a longer story. Any genre, any style.  I hope there is something here to awake your muse. If nothing else, I hope you like the photos.

Photo A:


Photo B:

1940s lunch break

Photo C:

Train yard

Photo D:

1940s girl with doll

Photo E:

fruits and vegetables

Photo F:

1940s woman canning preserves

Photo G:

1940s men with parachutte

Photo H:

1940 country Fair worker

Photo I:


Photo J:

1940 victorian house with horse and cart


4 comments on “Every Picture Tells a Story

  1. I’ll jump on board! But you knew I would, didn’t you?

    What is going on in that first photo? It’s perplexing.

    • I included it mostly for the colors and composition (that’s the visual artist in me). I have no idea what is going on, which I thought would make it the perfect prompt. It was more abstract allowing for broader interpretation. But if that’s not your cuppa, there are nine others!

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