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Get Lost! I Mean That in a Nice Way…

I offer you four challenges for the summer.  Work your way through them. You don’t have to try to tackle them all at the same time.  I’ll do the same. I promise to try to take my own advice. A pastor that I know once told me that his job was to “comfort the disturbed and to disturb the comfortable.” I have become too comfortable.

1. Lose yourself in something you love: writing, drawing, dance, music, sex, food, balancing your check book. It doesn’t matter. Immerse yourself in a positive way, avoid getting consumed by things of little or no value. Beware of time sinks, things like the internet and TV.  You don’t have to give it up completely.  Moderation is a good word.  I think that my son gets way too distracted by video games, but that is something he has to learn to temper on his own.

2. Lose yourself in something that is important to you. Making a difference in someone else’s life can make a difference in your life. I have been active in a local Boy Scout Troop for the last 8 years and little has been more rewarding.  As the Scoutmaster for 3 of those years I routinely got back more than I gave. Even though my son has aged out of the troop, I am still involved.

3. Lose yourself in someplace new.  Literally take a road you haven’t been down before. Find a new spot to revel in. Avoid the tired same places that you go back to out of habit. There is a difference between laziness and tradition. Don’t do it just because that’s what you usually do. Go back only if it draws you there. Go back only if it feeds you rather than merely comforts you.

4. Lose yourself to an open mind. Try something different. If you have teenaged kids find out what kind of music they listen to. They might introduce you to something fresh and exciting. Showing an interest in something they are passionate about can be pretty energizing in itself—for both you and your kids. Avoid the classic rock station for a while.  Go to a restaurant that you never considered before or try a special on the menu that you would have normally given a pass. We seem be a society that is quick to dismiss things because they don’t sound like something we’d like. I’ll try anything once. Well, nearly anything.

Go ahead, get lost…

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