Five Sentence Fiction – Silence

Tuesday is when I tackle some Five Sentence Fiction. Feel free to take Lillie McFerrin’s challenge to write a five sentence story based on a single word prompt. The word does not have to appear in your five sentences, just used for direction. This week’s word is Silence. 

Last week I vowed to lighten things up. I hope that you like it…

As soon as the heavy wooden door swung shut with that characteristic click, all hell broke loose. Jason Franks, who should never have been strategically seated next to both the sink and the large fan at the back of the room, grabbed the Comet and shook a cloud of it into the whirring blades unleashing a blueish fog of powdered detergent across the classroom that settled on everything like volcanic ash. Screams and laughter exploded while redheaded Carl Hennson opened the closet door allowing Blinky Taylor to scoot tiny Mary Margaret Stanton—desk and all—into the confined space and slam door shut behind her.

 “QUIET!” bellowed Mr. McGerrity who had somehow rematerialized unnoticed beneath the American flag, his deep voice cut through the chaos and brought the children to a frozen tableau. In the silence a short high buzz squeaked out, vibrating between cheek and chair, bringing a bright red glow to the face of Timmy Jimmson—the spell was broken, the room erupted in laughter as even the dour Mr. McGerrity smiled.

Got Five Sentences? Feel free to share them!

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22 comments on “Five Sentence Fiction – Silence

  1. Ahaha. Love it! Very lighthearted and sweet. I cracked up reading this. You nailed it. 🙂

  2. Absolutely wonderful, Andy! “between cheek and chair”! I felt like it was something I was remembering as I read it. Really really enjoyed this!

  3. haha … I remember those moments of silence as the kid with the red cheeks myself … very cinematic writing, three thumbs from me!

  4. I believe I taught in that classroom… Comet and farts and glowering principals and all! Thanks for taking me back with such visually vivid writing!

  5. Too funny!! I asked hubby what the first thing he thought of when I said the word silence and it was a teacher shouting the word. I tried, but it just didn’t click for me…must be due to you already writing this great tale!

  6. Nice one, definitely lighter 😀 loved the ending!

  7. Ha ha, that’s the best description of ‘passing wind’ I’ve ever heard! I too loved the phrase ‘between cheek and chair’… brilliant!

  8. Funny! And what a punch with every sentence.

  9. “Completely silent,” Drew Martin recalled the words of the rep from Aerotech Designs explaining the sound of the wind turbines that would cover his and his neighbor’s farmland as far as he could see, “You won’t even know they’re there.” Maybe Drew couldn’t truly hear anything but he could certainly feel something and that feeling was slowly driving him insane. Even surrounded by the insulation of his new truck cab (paid for with the nearly $180,000 he’d made by leasing his land to Aerotech) he could sense the rhythmic throbbing somewhere behind his brain, a cross between the faraway sound of an orchestra timpani and a meat slicer, boom…WHOOSH. Ninety times a minute if the breeze was stiff (Oh, he’d counted!), constant, unrelenting and certainly NOT silent. Drew crested the hill at the same time he saw the fuel truck with its weekly delivery for the town’s pumps and slowly accelerated.

  10. No you didn’t. The ending was perfect. The only thing that ran out was Drew’s sanity…

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