Five Sentence Fiction – Candy

It’s Five Sentence Fiction time! Feel free to take Lillie McFerrin’s challenge. Write a five sentence story based on the prompt word. The word does not have to appear in your five sentences, just use it for direction. This week’s word is CANDY

Good or bad, here’s this week’s effort:

Edward’s entire body shuddered visibly as he cackled with excitement and briskly rubbed his hands together. He was like a weight-loss boot camp attendee who had gone AWOL and made it as far as the nearest Godiva chocolate shop. Cool, black, damp dirt, the color of ground bittersweet, packed in under his nails as he dug desperately with his bare hands to unearth the treasures he knew were hidden beneath the rock marking the sweet spot. There was more there than expected and his precious bounty was stuffed deeply and greedily into his pockets before he replaced the rock, glancing over a shoulder to make sure no one else had observed him. 

A sharp, startled shout burst from her mouth—four stout, shiny centipedes the color of licorice, crawled across Amanda’s hand as she checked her son’s pockets at the washing machine.

Got five sentences in you? Go ahead and share them!

If five sentences is too limiting check back here on Thursday for a different kind of writing prompt…


14 comments on “Five Sentence Fiction – Candy

  1. Lol. A weight-loss boot camp attendee. Cracked me up. But yuck on the bugs. I always consider doing the five sentence one, but something about it atum

  2. And I was all…”o_o delicious, delicious chocolate” at the sight of the picture…only for those bugs to snap me right out of that reverie. Fun little bit of short fiction!

  3. Like Chris that delectable picture unarmed me! Lovely bugs (I have a son…)!

  4. Nice twist, and a picture to die for. How will I get chocolate off my mind today? Well done.

  5. The first read through I’ll admit, I was confused by the sudden jump at the end, but on taking a moment and reading the last 2 lines again it all became clear.
    Simple and effective, a nice little literary snack and your sticking to a candy-like feel in description works quite well to create a vibe for it and bring some life of sorts to your piece.
    Nice work.

  6. Oh my, you really got me! Great twist and I loved the visual images in my head as I read. Well done!!

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