Sounds Like…

Ever played Charades? If so, you will know that a tug on the ear lobe is the pantomime to indicate that the performer wants you to come up with a word that sounds like what he is acting out.  There are many words that sound the same but have different meanings or uses. They are called homophones. News flash: just because it’s spelled write (sorry, spelled right) doesn’t mean it’s not a typo.

cartoon of man playing Charades“Oh deer,” I can here you say, “dose that mean that spell check won’t fined olive them?” The answer is yes, spell check doesn’t catch everything. Even grammar check may pass sum of those errors bye.  A pear of human ayes are the only thing that will notice awl the miss-steaks. Watts a person two dew? Well, bee a wear off the problem, butt don’t loose sheep over it. A good editor oar proofreader are worth there wait in gold. Icon tell you won thing, I can’t spill worth beens, so I re-lie heavily on spell cheque, but only ass a fist line of defense.

Knot all un-flagged typos are maid with homophones. Their are thymes when a word is erroneously used like “loose” verses “lose.” That is one bat habit I broke my shelf of gist this year. They’re are in stances win my fat fingers just type the letters in the wrong oder. The word “eat” for egg-sample can be rearranged as “ate” or as “tea.” Both half different meanings but are proper English worlds that would ass-cape detection buy spell check. Sum thymes I ad a letter or leaf a letter out bye accident. Take the “L” out of “public” and hew might be wrath-her hymn-bear-assed.

Bee shore that in-he-thing yew plan two publish goes threw a professional editor/proofreader. Its there job to provide you with a product that is air-or-free. Of coarse, they are own-lea human, sew even they mite miss a typo ore too. An don’t be discouraged by all the read pencil mar-kings, that just mint they did a grate job. Lets be fare and give them a brake. Wile wee shouldn’t idle-eyes them, good editors can off-her add vice on plot and sub stance that will significantly hymn-prove the final product.

Every won makes mistakes. You are not a loan. As a mat-her of fact eye ham quiet sure that I have mate as mini as for or five mistakes, witch mite seam like a lot, but what the reader doesn’t sea, the righter gets a way with. Steel, yew should make an effort to dew the best yew can. I will complement you if you can route out moor then ate typos. I think I wood dye if inn-he-won fines over tin miss-stakes in this hole post. I work heart on these posts. Knight an day, our after our, isle (sorry, aisle) poor over each peace I rite, an come the mourning, eye prey that I have spelled everything write. I have looked this over, and knot a read line half I scene. Prays the inn-venter of spell cheque! I am confidant that this weak’s post is free and clear of heir-oars, as aye bear my sole on this blog. I no in my hart that I have done whale.

Eye wood love two here watt yew think, sow don’t waist a minuet! Pleas post yore comets, won an haul!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  
Once again, Steve Meitz gets a shout out for the inspiration for this post.
Illustration by Andy Black
Translation of this post upon request ; )

7 comments on “Sounds Like…

  1. Sepcatcluar bolg Adny. Now wulod you peasle epxialn to me why sepllnig is so drnaed ipmorntat, if you wree albe to raed tihs setancne? I’d raed taht as lnog as the frsit and lsat ltetres are crotrect the bairn is albe to dceihper the porepr cntoxet. Go fgurie.

  2. I love the concept of what you did in this post, but the editor in me slammed my head against my computer repeatedly when I saw this. Yeah, I’m a Grammar Nazi. Shoot me. Also it took me three minutes to figure out what “hymn-bear-assed” meant. I wanted to cry when I figured it out.

  3. Whole heartedly agree and all that but I actually couldn’t make it through the whole post – my editor-sense was going banana’s! …curse these super-powers…

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