It’s a Doggy Dog World

How many times have you been singing a song and someone corrects you.  As a kid I spent many years under the impression that Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons (as in Jersey Boys) were singing “My eyes of torture” instead of “My eyes adored you.” Embarrassing stuff.


In that same spirit, I came across a reddit.com post from Rosco7. A friend of his had made fun of someone else for using the term “escape goat” rather than scapegoat. Rosco7 crafted a rather tongue-in-cheek response to his friend with as many misinterpreted or misquoted cliches and phrases as he could think of such as:

  • prima donna becomes pre-Madonna
  • rocket science becomes rocket appliance
  • pedestal becomes petal stool
  • dime a dozen becomes diamond dozen
  • field day becomes feel day
  • brass tacks becomes brass stacks
  • For all intents and purposes becomes for all intensive purposes
  • take it for granted becomes take it for granite
  • blessing in disguise becomes blessing in the skies
  • dog eat dog world becomes doggy dog world
  • piece of cake becomes pizza cake

He had then asked readers to supply any ideas on how to “improve” upon this idea by further butchering some of the common expressions. Just for fun I’m giving you a break from producing letter perfect prose and today I hope you will join in by coming up with a few misspoken expressions (or a misquoted song lyric or two) that would make your editor cringe. Come on, we’ll have a “feel day!”

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

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illustration by Andy Black


2 comments on “It’s a Doggy Dog World

  1. Ah language… such a varied and humorous thing you are! 😀

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