Write from Experience

We’ve all heard the advice to write about what you know.  I spend countless hours a year commuting into and out of Washington DC. So here is a poem that takes that advice into account.

Washington DC Metro Map

The Orange  Line

The jostle and thrum

Vibrates up through

The soles and souls

Of a thousand

Individual stories as

Heads rock

And sway in

Unified but random


Sweet meets sour—

Channel and mildew.

Electronic cocoons

Cloak the majority

In self imposed isolation as

A silent tattoo of

Thumbed messages are

Carried from this tomb

Like so many

Escaping spirits—

Ghosts in the machine.

Shoulder to shoulder

Hip to hip and

Thigh to thigh

Lulled into comfort

By the bump and sway.

Doors closing.

Please stand clear

Of the doors.


4 comments on “Write from Experience

  1. Yes! The subway system has an endless thousands of stories each unique to the individual user. Well done my literary friend.

  2. Did you know that it was the storyteller that was spared an early death in throws of battle way back when? They were far too valuable to eliminate. Let’s all tell our stories, then we will evolve to happiness and a sense of purpose a bit quicker. More about this story of storytellers can be found in my friend’s book here at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005LILKZA The author is a direct decendant of Benjamin Franklin, the author of the first autobiography. Ben wanted to be sure his life’s experiences were told accurately. Storytellling is also why he made Freedom of Speech #1.

  3. A most interesting poem. There were moments when it felt like you were using traditional rhyming after a fashion and others totally wild and random.
    Simple but amusing to read through and almost haiku-like, if it was MUCH shorter, in a sense. Quite enjoyed it.
    Thanks, cheers.

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