Share the Love: Some Recommended Blogs

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. You know the drill: chocolates and roses. I thought it was an appropriate time to share a little more love.  I published a post back in November where I shared a few blogs that I thought were worthy of mentioning and I’d like to add to that list. Without any further ado here are a couple of blogs (in no particular order) that I poke around at on a fairly regular basis:

The Blood Red Pencil is managed by a group of editors and writers, so you know they’ll have lots to say. Their hope is that you will have lots of questions, comments, and suggestions. The goal is to help writers by blogging about what they know best – editing

Cochisewriters promises a little poetry, a little prose, a little fiction, a little non-, a little fun, a little serious, all from (but not all about) the southeast corner of Arizona. The blog is contributed to by Cappy Love Hanson, Deborah (no last name given), Ross Lampert and Steve Smith.

Jennifer Eaton offers plenty of writing rants for writers and hopes you can learn from her mistakes. She finds that writing is more of a pleasure sport.  She enjoys the process, and the creation of new worlds but that entering the world of publishing seemed like too much work.

David Gaughran is a 34-year old Irish writer, living in Sweden, who spends most of his time travelling the world, collecting stories. He is the author of the South American historical adventure A Storm Hits Valparaiso and the short stories If You Go Into The Woods and Transfection as well as the popular self-publishing guide Let’s Get Digital: How To Self-Publish, And Why You Should. He runs the publishing blog Let’s Get Digital and the South American history site South Americana, has a regular column at Indie Reader, and his work has been featured in theHuffington PostThe Sunday Times, and the Irish Times.

Jordan McCollum longs to write the next Great American Novel—but she keeps getting sidetracked by those fantastic stories that happen to be genre fiction. She loves writing, and thrillers, romantic suspense and mystery are currently her favorite genres. She wonders how can you beat a story where good defeats evil (and true love conquers all).

Novel Girl is Rebecca Berto of Australia. She’s a twenty-year-old writer and budding editor who loves books. Her blog is about all things books, writing (some good information for fellow writers in the right spot), and other random things. She also offers editing services.

The Walking Den‘s Chris Galford is a graduate of Michigan State University. He has been writing since he was little, and his greatest pleasure in life would be to spend his years as an author and a poet, with creativity as his only guide and only boundary. Besides being a gifted poet and author is also a photographer and blogger.

Writer Unboxed began as a collaboration between aspiring novelists Therese Walsh and Kathleen Bolton in January, 2006. They often dissected great books and movies, trying to hone in on what made them work so well, and had even written and published an article about Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings. When a second article idea was rejected for publication, they decided to create their own forum where they could broadcast their observations anytime they wished. Writer Unboxed was born. They’re thrilled the site now includes contributors who are bestselling authors and industry leaders, and that it’s grown into such a rich community for writers.

That’s it for this installment of Share the Love.  And Don’t forget to go home and give your significant other a big long wet smack on the lips.  Roses work too…

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6 comments on “Share the Love: Some Recommended Blogs

  1. These are great, and they’re all new to me. Thx!

  2. I think there’s a lot of good stuff on these blogs. Glad to be able to turn you on to something new!

  3. Thank you! I also clicked three links for blogs I hadn’t heard of before. 🙂

  4. You are too kind sir! A shout-out, and a fine selection of bloggers to poke through. And the graphic here has taught me something: I too need a spiffy hat.

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