Poetic License

Cartoon of man thinking of a rhyme

What rhymes with orange? (illustration:andy black)

Today’s post is bit of a departure for me.  I have been enjoying the fairly regular posts of Chris Galford’s original poetry (on The Walking Den). I have to admit that I am somewhat challenged (maybe intimidated is a better word) by poetry and what better way to try to develop a clearer understanding of it than by writing some.  I am fascinated by the taste and texture of words on the tongue. I am drawn by the freedom and purity of the poetic form, but I have to admit this is a little frightening. I am a novice.  Nonetheless, here is a rather green effort off of the tip of my passionate pen…


Nancy H:
It rode
Towards her
On a black stallion
Slick with effort but
For a time she kept
Out of its reach.
Strength. Weakness.
Hand in hand both
Flowered within her.
Skin as soap-flake soft
And bleached as
A bowl of ash
Harbored embers of
Grace and dignity
Glowing orange
Until thundering hooves
Drew along side.

David S:
Shrunken in stature
And vocabulary
Frustration leaks
From the corners
Of his mouth
Like too much molasses.
Hands flutter in a
Swallowtail dance as
Thoughts fire
Deep within
But dissolve like cotton candy
Just before landing
On the tongue.
Diminished in language
But alive with
An abundance of


4 comments on “Poetic License

  1. Aw, shucks. *scuffs some dirt* Mentions like that’ll go to my head if you’re not careful! And yes…that picture about sums up the process I’d say.

    Good to see you stepping outside the boundaries of the comfort zone to grace us with a little dose of your own poetics, my friend!

  2. Well thanks for regularly stopping by. We all need to challenge ourselves. Poetry is one area I haven’t fully explored, so I’ll have to pull out my compass once and a while…

  3. All of your writing has poetic tendencies. I love that you’re fearlessly branching out!

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