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I’ve been at this blog thing for several weeks now.  Publishing a blog opens your eyes to what other bloggers are putting out there. What gems of wisdom can I glean from others?  What topics are they writing about? It’s time to share the love.  Below in no particular order is a short list featuring the blogs that I have recently discovered and appreciate for their useful information, entertainment value, and/or unique perspective.

montage of blog header imagesWord Crank

Lucy Merrill says “I love words, but I admit to being a bit cranky about usage and misusage. The Jabberwock, roughly defined as mangled, pompous and boneheaded language, is the enemy. I intend this blog as my ‘vorpal sword.’” Below is an excerpt from her Oct. 26 post:

Hyphen, we hardly knew ye

The world of punctuation is in flux, as is every other world we know of. The steady-state model of the universe is gone with the solar wind, and so we are painfully aware that the only constant is change.

That doesn’t mean we have to like it. On the whole, making a friend of change is a good approach to life, but, remember, everything in moderation. I, for one, am vexed by the disappearance of the hyphen. It’s such a useful little mark. Why is it headed for the linguistic dustbin? …

* * * * *


Andrew Zahn seeks “to pave a highway for creative growth by providing food, water, and shelter for those wishing to live, work, and play with creative zest.”  Below is an excerpt from his Nov 23 post:

10 Thinkgs People Hate About Thanksgiving 

I love Thanksgiving to pieces. To absolute pieces. 

“Who wouldn’t love Thanksgiving?” I pondered. Apparently, there are a few out there.

A quick Googling (not ogling) revealed the haters. Here’s a quick compilation of some their complaints.

1. Carving Birds. Don’t take the hate out on the bird. It gave its life so you could have a nice nap later in the afternoon. Take tips from the amazing Alton Brown, Turkey Carving 101. …

* * * * *

The Altucher Confidential

James Altucher classifies his blog as “ideas for a world out of balance.” He has authored seven books and has a twisted perspective on life as we know it. Below is an excerpt from his Nov. 22 post:

How to Negotiate in Three Easy Lessons:

When I was reading Walter Isaacson’s biography on Steve Jobs it suddenly brought back memories of the FBI repeatedly hitting the buzzer for my apartment rather forcefully ten years ago. Isaacson mentions that Steve Jobs and Dr. Larry Brilliant were best friends. Flashback to ten years ago, Larry Brilliant calls  the FBI and tells them I might know something about where Osama Bin Laden keeps his money. True story.

The next thing I know, someone is ringing my buzzer, “The police! We need to come up.” Then when we let them in (after I briefly considered running down the back staircase) they flashed their badges “FBI”. They said, “we had to say “police” because we didn’t want to scare anyone on the street by saying  ‘FBI’.” …

* * * * *

The Book Designer

Joel Friedlander wants “to help publishers and authors who decide to publish their own books get to market with a great looking, properly constructed book, on time and on budget.” Below is an excerpt from his Nov. 21 post:

Author Blogging 101: Blog Design

Okay, you’ve decided to start writing a blog and you’ve set up an account with blogger.com or wordpress.com or, if you listened to advice earlier in this series, you’ve got a hosting account of your own, acquired a snazzy domain name with at least one of your keywords in it, and you’re ready to go.

But wait. If you’ve got a WordPress site straight out of the box, it probably doesn’t look very impressive, does it? In fact, it looks exactly like thousands of other brand new WordPress blogs. …

* * * * *

The Book Deal

Alan Rinzler posts a blog for writers and book people providing an inside view of publishing.  Below is an excerpt from his Nov. 10 post:

Great book jackets: Tips from 4 design pros

Every good book needs a great cover. It’s a powerful billboard for conveying the spirit and content of your book.

An eye-catching cover can persuade readers to pick up and buy a book. But a jacket that’s confusing or boring or worse, can stop a potential buyer from giving that same book a second glance. Covers also need to pop as thumbnails, for all those online shoppers. …

* * * * *

It’s a short list but I  hope you found a new favorite blog or something that interested you .  What’s your “must read” blog, or do you write one yourself?  Share them with us in the comments section.


8 comments on “Blog of Blogs

  1. Great blog Andy. I’ve been reading all of your musings. Who knew an artist could write so well?! Amazing. I like Andrew Zahn’s mission statement. Ever since I left my day job in 2004, I’ve been holding up the proverbial sign “Will write for food.” Meanwhile, I’m waiting for my first proof of “My First Three Husbands.” I’ll send you a picture of the cover as soon as I get it. Thanks in advance for your comments. I also like the list of blogs you gave.

    • Jennifer–
      They say a picture is worth a thousand words but I contend the number of pictures a thousand words can paint are limitless. It’s all about creating, and regardless of the medium, the creative journey is the payoff. I look forward to seeing your cover when it’s ready. As to your “Will write for food” sign, I hope you continue to feed your passion.

  2. Thanks for the list – always on the lookout for more quality writers’ blogs to read-through, so things like this just make it so very easy. Cheers!

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